Focus on future returns

Johnson Gibbs

The financial uncertainty caused by the global pandemic has made investors focus on the short term and quite understandably. In the process some have lost sight of their long term financial objective and its important to consider your original objectives.

For many of us the reason that we invest is to improve our long term financial position and outpace the ever increasing cost of living.

It’s a harsh reality of life that the cost of most things that we need to buy have dramatically increased over the past ten years and this process appears to have accelerated over the past five years in particular. The effect feels worse as salaries haven't keep pace in relative terms since the Global Financial Crises, reducing your real spending power. It’s bad enough when you are working but for people that are retired the impact is even more dramatic due to historically low interest rates.

Building a tax efficient savings and investment portfolio will help you to make a better financial future and we have the knowledge and experience to help.

So what do I do with all my money?

Build a dynamic and diverse portfolio based on your future goals, your investment time horizon and appetite for risk. At Johnson Gibbs we can help you to find the investment solutions to focus on your investment objectives for your financial future.

Whilst some economies and sectors are struggling some are expanding and making excellent returns.
We consider investments which invest in high quality companies with strong balance sheets, robust business models, sound management and attractive growth prospects in fast-growing areas of the world. Many of these companies also pay real and growing dividends, offering investors the flexibility to either draw their income to fund their lifestyle today or reinvest it to grow their total return in the long run.

Johnson Gibbs