China – The Power Of Xi

At the 19th National Congress the Chinese Constitution was ammended giving the President powers not seen since Mao Zedong was in charge of the country.        Significantly a comprehensive anti-corruption campaign was also indoctrinated into the party’s constitution. Xi Jinping has been treading on what would traditionally be considered US policy territory, In January 2017 he attended the conference held in Davos and defended the principals and of positive aspects of globalisation and free trade. This was followed in May with the announcement of Chinas policy of “One Belt, One Road”, a policy that will allow China to move goods swiftly across vast areas of the globe, gaining competitive advantage.

China now wants to lead the word on climate change and the technology that will be required to move from a carbon dependent culture. Consumption growth in China remains robust making the outlook positive for investors with vision, ambitious growth plans and an acceptance that the risks that are associated with inovation are worth taking.



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