Maximise your retirement income

If you are nearing your retirement or considering taking your pension you should think about the options that are possible to maximise your income and enjoy the pension that you have worked hard to build up.

Its simple, isn’t it?

Your pension could be made up of more than fund and you may have a personal pension and a pension from your employer. This is where things can get complicated as you are likely to receive an offer from the insurance company or pension provider just before you are due to retire. In our experience the date that the pension provider has on record, as your retirement date is not always the date that you will be retiring and this may not be the best time for you to take your pension benefits. Don’t just sign the offer that you are sent until you have taken professional advice from a qualified independent financial adviser.

Significantly higher income

With so many options available at retirement it’s hard to be sure that you have had the best return on your pension. You may not even be aware of some of the options that can make the largest increase on the annual income that you could receive, particularly if you have certain health considerations and/or a particular lifestyle.

The best way

Our retirement review service is designed specifically to help you to make the right choice and an informed decision. We take a detailed look at your needs and what plans you have and what can be done. We then provide the best solution for you.

You’re in safe hands

You can be confident that you will receive a high standard of advice, at Johnson Gibbs as you will be looked after by an independent financial adviser who has a DipFA qualification and is highly experienced in retirement planning.

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