Critical Illness – It Happens

When faced with the reality that you or someone that you care about is suffering from a critical illness, the commonly held belief that ‘it’ll never happen to me’ suddenly changes.

You are 4.6 million times more likely to get cancer than win a jackpot lottery payout.

Unfortunately at Johnson Gibbs we have clients who have family or friends that have been diagnosed with a serious illness and already understand the value of critical illness (CI) cover. We don’t want any one to suffer the financial consequences that happen to people as a result of not having life and Critical Illness protection when things go wrong.

With busy modern lives no one has time to stop work, you’re ill and need to take time off work but you still need to pay the bills. As a result, you need to return to work before you’ve fully recovered. By returning to work too early you could suffer further illness and that means more time off work. This is a vicious circle from which you may never recover.

Protection provides the valuable breathing space needed to recover and restart your life and at Johnson Gibbs we have the experience and an independent range of protection solutions that can be tailored to protect you financially if the worst happens.

Remember – The best time to talk to us about arranging life and Critical Illness protection is when you are healthy so call us on 01926 494457 and we can help you plan today.

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