Gold on the rise

Gold is the commoditie of the moment and in uncertain times it is easy to see why gold prices have risen. So how can you participate in the gold rush and are there any alternative natural resources that could prove to be a shrewd future investment?

The best performing fund over a ten year period was Blackrock Gold & General. Over the ten year period to July 2010 it returned a staggering 915%, yes, you did read that figure correctly, 915%.

We also like the boarder investment in precious metals as the global resources sector includes companies involved in the exploration and production of base and precious metals, bulk commodities and energy. Worldwide demand for natural resources is increasing at an incredible pace, providing investors with a real opportunity in this growing asset class. First State Global Resources Fund has produced a return of 107.9 % cumulative performance to 30th September 2010.

We have several alternative funds that differ in the underlying assets that they hold and the risk to reward potential that they offer.Any investment in gold related equities carries a high level of volatility, so if you do decide that this investment sector is of interest, you should do so only after discussing your portfolio with us.

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